Thank you for your interest in becoming our international panel. You have made a correct choice to register with us and we are exited to welcome you!
As a panel member of Data Pro we provide you:
  • INCENTIVES: You will be compensated well for your time and effort. We only pay cash or cheque (upon your request for cheque) and not vouchers! All payment amount would be made known to you before the interview started.
  • FREEDOM: You get to choose when you want to the interview to be conducted. Your participation is always at your preference. However we reserved the right to determine the venue if it is a group discussion.
  • PRIVACY: We ASSURED you that all your information will not be given to any other parties! You will not receive any sales calls as a result of your participation in any of our market research study.
Please fill in your detail below and we will contact you for our upcoming survey.

Less RM10,000 per year.
RM10,000 - RM25,000 per year.
RM25,000 - RM50,000 per year.
RM50,000 - RM100,000 per year.
More RM100,000 per year.