We have a very strong rapport with HCPs across different disciplines, from GP to specialists such as Cardiologists, Oncologists, Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists, Chest Physicians, Neurologists, Hematologists, etc.

In addition to HCPs, we have vast experiences dealing with other healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, etc. To completely understand disease treatment and its journey, we also speak to patients.

Our expertise includes brand tracker, new product evaluation study, patient diary, market landscape study, concept study, etc.

With our massive and updated database of all health care professionals, it enables us to conduct our projects more efficiently.


FMCG is a very competitive industry. By understanding and correctly positioning itself, a company can gain and increase its market shares among its competitors. Our broad experience includes mystery shopper, focus group discussion, in-depth interview, central location test, street intercept, etc. with broad coverage of understanding on different categories.

Through the different type of studies, we are able to help our clients understand better their consumers' needs, unmet needs, and potential market opportunities.

Finance And Insurance

Finance and insurance play an important part in consumers' daily lives. However, with the existence of various finance and insurance companies, consumers have more choices to choose from. In order for these companies to increase their market shares, each company must be unique and able understand the needs of the majority of consumers. Our expertise in this area includes but not restricted to conducting B2B and B2C research, helping our clients understand their level of satisfaction, unmet needs and potential business opportunities.


Biotechnology plays a major role in every single modern industry by improving the industry's quality and standard of certain product or process. Biotechnology industries involve everything from agriculture, food to the most important medicine. In our company, we help our clients understand every aspect of their business industries for them to compete with their competitors.

Our good rapport with prominent scientists in the field has always been the essential part for us to get our projects done on time.


Our company has helped several large cosmetic company players get more insights on their products and newly launched products. Most of these are done by conducting group discussion and product testing with the targeted audience. We are very proud that those products are currently on the shelves and have been gaining particular market shares.

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